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Best Advice for Choosing a Bridal Headpiece

Sometimes brides tell me it was easier choosing their wedding dress than it was to select their headpiece. With so many styles and options today, it can be overwhelming. You want to find just the right headpiece that will complement and enhance your bridal look, but not overpower it. And, you don’t want it to under-whelm either. No matter what your style is, when you walk down the aisle, you, your wedding dress, your hair accessories and jewelry should all work together to say, “Here Comes the Bride”.
~Dareth Colburn, CEO & Bridal Stylist

Minimalist Bride: Choose Wedding Hair Pins

Crystal Wedding Hair Pins

For our minimalist bride whose subtle style means less is more, hair pins are a perfect choice. They are a great option for any hairstyle, whether formal or tussled, up or down – but especially in structural updos where they can highlight draw the attention to different spots. We find that an odd number of hairpins looks best, typically a cluster of three hairpins. And, we love to mix and match styles, textures and sizes. Try a vintage rhinestone-encrusted hairpin mixed with a few pearl pins. Also, you want place pins in a slightly as asymmetrical pattern.

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Traditional Bride: Choose a Wedding Tiara

Rhinestone Wedding Tiara

Traditional tiaras offer the most dramatic look, and work with everything from simple sheath dresses to traditional ball gowns. They're also versatile in that they can be worn with of without a veil – so your options are wide open. We see tiaras paired with updos more often than other hairdos, but tiaras can be worn with almost any kind of bridal hair. Now, a tiara doesn't have to be a princess-inspired look. There are many shapes and styles of tiaras that can give you a more modern look.

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