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brown accessories
Once the purview of autumn brides, brown jewelry and accessories have come into their own for not only the wedding set, but also prom-goers and partiers looking for add-ons they won't see on the next girl over. One reason for the growing options in this color family is the recent trend of pairing chocolaty shades with everything from pinks and blues to blacks and yellows. Not surprisingly, browns harmonize amazingly with gold so as more jewelry shoppers embrace this warm metallic, brown is definitely coming along for the ride.

We have collected the richest, most intense brown jewelry and brown accessories with an eye toward excellence and superior beauty. The women who find their way to this section of our inventory tend to be intelligence, self-aware, and stylish without sacrificing sophistication. If that sounds like you, we invite you to browse this expanding collection, and if you don't find at least one piece that moves you, contact our in-house stylists for a consultation.