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There's no denying that all things vintage are in when it comes to wedding and bridal accessories. A brooch can be a stylish and modern accent to add to your wedding dress or bridesmaids' frocks while still paying tribute to the authentic wedding style of years gone by. These heirloom bridal accessories can be incorporated into your wedding day look in so many beautiful ways, whether you're adding an embellishment to a colorful sash, sparkle to your décolletage, or a little extra personality to your bridal shoes.

While most brides will choose a wedding brooch just for the big day, you may discover that after wearing a beautiful brooch for the first time, you just don't feel like your day's outfit is complete without the sparkle of a vintage-style crystal or pearl brooch. Should that be the case, we invite you to check back in our carefully curated collection of retro brooches to find something special for everyday wear.