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Bridesmaids Best Things & Do-Overs

Here's what our brides had to say about their bridesmaids and wedding party. It's filled with great advice about the "best things" and what they would do differently.

Do Differently: Choose who YOU want

I would have taken more time to choose my bridesmaids. I asked one of my sisters I really don't get along with to be in my wedding just because my mother felt "I had to". Take your time and chose who YOU want to be in your wedding. (Faith-August 12, 2013)

Do Differently: Bridesmaids Not Being Ready on Time

I would have been more specific and strict with the wedding party regarding their being dressed and ready when the limo showed up. Other people dilly dallied and when it came time to get ready they were unprepared in putting their tuxes on (not sure how it all went). I would recommend that the people wearing tuxedos practice putting on their clothes before the wedding and that bridesmaids help each other out so that the bride can be relaxed and put herself together without thinking about everyone else. (Lynn-February 24, 2013)

Do Differently: Huge Bridal Party

We had a huge bridal party (17 total) and only one was from our area. Although we didn't want to exclude anyone of them, it got to be really tough to deal with everyone's questions and problems. (Melissa- February 24, 2013)

Do Differently: Choosing not-so-close friends

I would have not asked my old or not-so-close friends to be my attendants. I asked them to be in the wedding because I felt like I "owed" them. They were so self-involved that they didn't even attempt to support me or help me on my wedding day. My advice to other brides is to not to ask anyone to be in your wedding unless they are absolutely thrilled for you and your fiancÚ. On your wedding day, you are only going to want excited women around you who share your glow. (Kelley- December 22, 2013)

Best Thing: My Bridesmaids

Best Thing: The best thing about my wedding was my bridesmaids. They were there on time, they were all happy, and kept me occupied. We were telling stories of when we were younger and so on. I couldn't have asked for any one better. (Amber- May 12, 2013)