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Crystal Bridal Side Comb Maddie Rhinestone Comb


"This hair comb was even more beautiful in person. The crystals matched my dress beautifully."

Price: $49.95
Floral Rhinestone Wedding Comb Crystal & Rhinestone Floral Comb


"I love my crystal & rhinestone floral comb. It's the perfect size and I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day."

Our Price: $59.95
Flower & Rhinestone Bridal Comb Ivory & Floral Bridal Clip


"Perfect! My daughter wore this on the comb of her veil. The quality is amazing, and it matched so well with her butterscotch color veil and ivory dress!"

Our Price: $69.95
Silver Leaf Bridal Hair Clip Malina Leaf Bridal Clip


"It is just beautiful, so delicate, and the detail is exquisite."

Price: $69.95
Floral Rhinestone Bridal Clip Caprice Floral Clip

Bridal hair clip features gently sloping frosted leaves adorned with hand-wired rhinestones that sparkle and shine.

Price: $79.95
Flower & Rhinestone Bridal Comb Ivory & Floral Back Comb

Bridal hair comb features ivory enamel flowers accented with frosted leaves and hand-wired sparkling rhinestones.

Our Price: $89.95
Floral Rhinestone Wedding Comb Marcela Swarovski Comb


"It was absolutely stunning and stayed put all night!"

Price: $89.95
Floral Rhinestone Wedding Comb Sienna Swarovski Crystal Comb

Bridal headpiece features hand-wired bouquets of glistening rhinestones that are accented with branches of Swarovski crystals.

Price: $69.95
Tulle & Floral Hair Clip Delicate Tulle & Floral Hair Clip

Wedding hair clip features a delicate and feminine design with soft tulle flowers.

Price: $59.95
Rhinestone Comb Monica Rhinestone Comb

Wedding comb features a cluster of rhinestones including a teardrop shaped gem for a unique touch of sparkle that complements any bridal hairstyle.

Price: $59.95
Rhinestone Leaf Comb Rhinestone Leaf Back Comb

Bridal hair comb features a simple, elegant design of rhinestones for just the right amount of sparkle.

Price: $59.95
Crystal Rhinestone Comb Natalie Crystal Comb

Wedding hair comb is a pretty touch of shimmer with a delicate array of rhinestones.

Price: $59.95
Rhinestone Crystal Comb Melanie Crystal Backpiece

Coming Soon! Ships 11/10

Bridal accessory is unique and hand-crafted with rhinestones set on a flexible chain.

Price: $49.95
Crystal & Leaf Clip Sadie Crystal & Leaf Hair Clip

Bridal hair clip is glamorous with a design featuring genuine Swarovski crystals and rhinestones.

Price: $69.95
Floral Rhinestone Comb Swarovski Crystal Floral Clip

"Gorgeous piece it stayed in place, and looked dazzling all night!"

Our Price: $69.95
Rhinestone Floral Bridal Comb Camila Floral Bridal Comb

Bridal hair comb has embellished leaves that are framed by tendrils accented with bouquets of rhinestones.

Price: $39.99
Silver Floral Bridal Comb Charlotte Floral Comb

Bridal comb features large flowers that are encircled with hand-wired branches of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones.

Price: $59.95
Floral Rhinestone Comb Carina Floral Comb

Bridal headpiece features jeweled leaves that are eclipsed by hand-wired branches of rhinestones and Swarovski crystals.

Price: $49.95
Swirling Rhinestone Wedding Comb Tessa Rhinestone Clip


"Great stuff! High quality. Good pricing. Fast shipping."

Our Price: $69.95
Vintage Rhinestone Bridal Comb Morgan Rhinestone Comb

Bridal comb is art-deco inspired and encrusted with rhinestones that sparkle from every angle.

Price: $39.95
Vintage Couture Comb Vintage Couture Comb

Bridal hair comb features a large oval rhinestone encircled by intricate swirling designs embellished with smaller stones that glisten effortlessly.

Our Price: $39.99
Rose Silver Crystal Comb Floral Crystal Side Comb

Bridal hair comb features jeweled petals and leaves that are accented with hand-wired Swarovski crystals and rhinestones.

Price: $69.95
Anna Rhinestone & Swarovski Crystal Clip Anna Rhinestone & Swarovski Crystal Clip

Intricately designed bridal clip features a floral design highlighted by brilliant Swarovski Crystals.

Our Price: $79.95
Bridal Rhinestone Comb Glimmer Rhinestone Back Comb

Wedding hair comb features hand-wired branches of marquise-shaped rhinestones that glimmer from every angle.

Price: $59.95
Floral Rhinestone Bridal Comb Tulle Flower Side Comb

Bridal hair comb features two soft white tulle flowers with sparkling rhinestone centers, accented with clear crystals, scattered rhinestones and beautiful beaded petals.

Our Price: $59.95
Vintage Wedding Comb Rave Vintage Comb

Bridal comb offers vintage inspiration and sparkels with rhinestones of varying shapes and sizes.

Our Price: $49.95
Rhinestone Floral Wedding Comb Annabelle Bridal Comb


"I'm so happy with the comb I purchased! I would recommend USABride to all of my friends!"

Price: $79.95
Side & Back Bridal Comb Sparkling Rhinestone Bridal Comb


Hair comb features detailed petals that are accented with undulating branches of hand-wired rhinestones and Swarovski crystals

Price: $49.95
Silver Floral Rhinestone Bridal Comb Floral Jeweled Rhinestone Comb

Bridal comb features jeweled flower petals accented with round rhinestones that sparkle and shine.

Price: $49.95
Rhinestone & Crystal Bridal Hair Clip Calista Rhinestone & Swarovski Crystal Clip

Bridal comb is an alluring combination of rhinestones, Swarovski Crystals and soft silver enamel leaves all creating an elegant floral design.

Our Price: $49.99
For far too long, something was missing from the world of bridal hair accessories and that something was classic Hollywood glamor. Thankfully, as more modern brides embraced all things vintage, sparkling crystal wedding combs have made their way back into the bridal spotlight. This is a finishing touch that would not be out of place on the silver screen. The perfect bridal accessory for anyone who wants to make a dramatic statement. And yet there are crystal wedding combs for every bridal style, from magnificent pieces that combine luxurious Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls to understated combs designed just for the bride seeking a more subtle sparkle.

Our team of buyers has found crystal wedding combs that can be worn with long hair, half-and-half styles, and sophisticated updos and more importantly, with any shade and style of wedding gown. Though the most popular pairing combines simple creamy draped silk with this most opulent of accessories, there is a comb to complement every gown. We have expert stylists on staff who can help you pick a fabulous crystal wedding comb and other bridal accessories for your big day. All it takes is a phone call or email!