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CZ & Crystal Earrings

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CZ Bridal Wedding Earrings Allure CZ Wedding Earrings


"They are beautiful, simple, yet very elegant!"

Price: $49.95
Regal CZ Earrings Regal CZ Earrings


"These delicate Cubic Zirconia encrusted earrings will add that touch of glamour without weighing you down."

Price: $49.95
Rhinestone CZ Drop Earrings Anastasia Long Dangle CZ Earrings

Bridal earrings feature a dramatic cluster drop of cubic zirconia rhinestones for your wedding day.

Price: $89.95
CZ Floral Earrings Cambry CZ Earrings

Wedding earrings incorporate beautiful cubic zirconia crystals in an exquisite botanical design.

Price: $59.95
Tara CZ bridal earrings Tara CZ Earrings


"They are super sparkly and just the right size."

Price: $59.95
Delilah Bridal CZ Drop Earrings Delilah CZ Drop Earrings

A dazzling cascade of CZ stones in a light, rhodium plated setting.

Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95
Fleur-de-lis CZ Earrings Fleur-de-lis CZ Earrings


Earrings are silver plated earrings in a dazzling floral vine pattern.

Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $59.95
Floral CZ Drop Earrings Leila Floral CZ Earrings

Wedding earrings feature a beautiful arrangement of cascading cubic zirconia gems.

Price: $69.95
CZ Rhinestone Earrings Stella CZ Statement Earrings

Bridal earrings designed for the bride who wants to make a statement on her big day.

Price: $69.95
CZ Drop Earrings Adele CZ Drop Earrings

Earrings feature scrolls of round cubic zirconias that are accented with marquise shaped stones.

Price: $59.95
Rhinestone & Cubic Zirconia Wedding Earrings Stephanie CZ Wedding Earrings

Earrings feature exquisite pear-shaped cubic zirconias surrounded that offer eye-catching elegance.

Price: $29.95
CZ Bridal Wedding Earrings Evelyn CZ Drop Earrings


Earrings offer a stunning floral design that offers added elegance to your bridal look

Price: $49.95
Vine CZ Earrings Scattered Vine CZ Earrings

Wedding earrings feature a beautiful floral vine design with an eye-catching glimmer.

Price: $49.95
Rhinestone CZ  Earrings Petite Floral Vine CZ Earrings

Wedding earrings offer a lovely floral design.

Price: $39.95
CZ Floral Drop Earrings Antonella Floral CZ Earrings

Bridal earrings feature a floral vine of cubic zirconia stones that offer radiant brilliance on your wedding day.

Price: $39.95
CZ Floral Rhinestone Earrings Vibrant Blooming CZ Earrings

Wedding earrings feature a shimmering botanical drop design.

Price: $39.95
Rhinestone Leaf Earrings Malia CZ Earrings

Bridal earrings resemble a delicate leaf floating in the wind with a simple yet exquisite design.

Price: $34.95
CZ Dangle Earrings Simple Filigree Earrings

Bridal earrings offer an exquisite scrolling design incorporating glistening rhinestones for a flawless finish.

Price: $19.95
Vibrant Floral CZ Wedding Earrings Vibrant Floral CZ Earrings


Earrings feature a floral pattern with oval and pear shaped Cubic Zirconia stones.

Price: $49.95
Delicate CZ Rhinestone Dangle Earrings Delicate CZ Earrings


Three large gorgeous tear shaped rhinestones that dangle down from the ear piece.

Price: $36.95
Cubic Zirconia Earrrings Ella CZ Earrrings


Earrings feature a large pear shaped Cubic Zirconia stone and surrounded with small round stones.

Price: $39.95
Dangle CZ Earrings Joanna CZ Dangle Earrings

Bridal earrings feature cubic zirconia rhinestones in a simple elegant design that glisten from every angle.

Price: $39.95
CZ Dangle Earrings Emerson CZ Earrings

Bridal earrings feature delicately placed cubic zirconia stones throughout the entire design.

Price: $69.95
CZ Drop Earrings Jessica CZ Drop Earrings

Bridal earrings offer a bold yet stylish drop design of beautifully arranged cubic zirconia stones.

Price: $79.95
CZ Bridal Earrings Kaylee CZ Drop Earrings

Save over 30% by adding matching necklace!

Price: $39.95
Lavish CZ Earrings Lavish CZ Earrings

A large cubic zirconia stone sits surrounded by smaller stones creating a stunning shimmer from all angles.

Price: $39.95
CZ Drop Earrings Hayden CZ Earrings

Bridal earrings offer an elaborate arrangement of beautiful cubic zirconia rhinestones.

Price: $59.95
Rachael CZ Wedding Earrings Rachael CZ Earrings

The chunky size of the stones really makes these earrings pop!

Price: $39.95
Petite Cluster CZ Earrings Petite Cluster CZ Earrings


Bridal Earrings are made with brilliant Cubic Zirconia crystals.​

Price: $24.95
CZ Wedding Earrings Laura CZ Earrings

Absolutely stunning bridal or bridesmaid earrings!

Price: $39.95