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Floral & Lace Wedding Veils

Brides who love the traditional wedding ensemble of classical gown and gloves often find themselves drawn to two-layer wedding veils because these fuller veils are old fashioned without being outdated. In fact, because wedding trends evolve so slowly and certain accessories never go out of style, we can only assume that two-layer veils will always be a favorite of brides-to-be who describe themselves as romantic and dramatic.

These bridal veils feature a blusher that can be worn down for an added dose of drama during the wedding ceremony or pushed back for more volume and often do more to frame the bride's face due to their being more substantial. Keep in mind that a two-layer wedding veil may be somewhat heavier, especially in a longer veil, but if worn correctly no more unwieldy than a single-layer veil. We always recommend that any bride wearing a bridal veil discuss the best way to incorporate it into her wedding day hairstyle with her hairdresser.