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Full Bridal Gloves

Full bridal gloves can be considered the epitome of bridal elegance and the ultimate accessory for the traditional romantic bride. There is just something so glamorous about pulling on a brilliant white pair of bridal gloves, whether wrist length, opera length, or something in between. However, brides who wear full bridal gloves do face a conundrum when it comes to the ring exchange at the ceremony, and the banquet and cake cutting at the reception. For the former, our expert stylists recommend slitting the seams on the ring finger of the appropriate glove to make removing just one finger possible or taking off both gloves and handing them to the maid of honor. A word of caution, however: trying to get bridal gloves on and off when you are nervous can be a bit awkward, especially if they are opera length, so practice at home before the big day.

Tips for Wearing Full Bridal Gloves:

1) Before the ceremony, "slit the seams" on the ring finger of your glove. Then just push the material back when it is time for him to place the ring on your finger. After the ring is on your finger, pull the fabric back over your finger.

2) The second alternative is to take your gloves off during the ceremony and hand them to your honor attendant. Then, at a predetermined point in the ceremony, and she can hand them back to you.

A word of caution: trying to get gloves on and off when you are nervous can be a bit awkward, especially if they are long. Ask your clergy if you can remove and then place your glove back on when your back is to your guests. Our collection of full bridal gloves has been carefully chosen to include only the highest-quality, most beautiful gloves of varying lengths so you can choose simple or adorned pairs that coordinate perfectly with your wedding gown and other accessories. Need help choosing just the right style of full bridal gloves? Just call or email our wedding stylists for the kind of expert advice that makes creating your bridal look easy.