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Gold Hair Pins

Elegance and warmth are two words that have gone hand in hand with gold throughout history. Once upon a time, only the most prestigious of individuals could wear it. Today gold retains its reputation for being precious, which is why so many people – brides, in particular – treat it as a special indulgence. Gold wedding hair pins are a wonderful way to add both warmth and elegance to your wedding day look without overpowering your ensemble as a whole. Subtle, these hair pins, sticks, and twists pair thick gold plating with shimmering freshwater pearls, genuine Swarovski crystals, and brilliant rhinestones for an amazing finishing touch guaranteed not to steal the show.

Bridal stylists will tell you that traditional brides who have chosen warmer whites naturally feel drawn to gold wedding hair pins over cooler silver accessories. There's simply something romantically old fashioned about gold used this way that cannot be denied… but we of course understand the appeal of other metals and materials. Should you find yourself wavering between silver and gold or pearls and crystals, our stylists can help you find the wedding accessories that will naturally look best with your gown and your hairstyle.