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Touching Ways to Include Children from Previous Marriages

Here's what our brides had to say about how to include children from previous marriages. Warning... you may need tissues!

Best Thing: Ring Ceremony

My groom and I each had children from previous marriages. We had a ring ceremony in our wedding, where the children each received a gold ring which was placed on their ring fingers with our saying to them that we promise to include them into our lives and our hearts forever. This was done as a surprise and the children loved it. (Robin- August 19, 2013)

Best Thing: Special Vows

My husband John has a six year old daughter from a previous marriage. I really wanted to include her on our special day, so I gave our Pastor special vows for her and I to exchange. John then placed a gold heart pendant around her neck, and I said "With this heart, I promise to be a loving and caring step-mommy to you. I promise to always be there for you in times of need and I will love you with all my heart for all the days of my life”. (Kelley- February 24, 2013)