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When Momís Style Isnít Your Own

How many of us, with every good intention, have put away or planned to put away our bridal gowns and accessories for the next generation? Itís a lovely thought Ė passing on your bridal ensemble to some future daughter. But what happens when the plan doesnít pan out? One of our followers wrote to ask us about exactly that.

When I was little I loved to play in my momís jewelry box but now that Iím grown up, not so much. The problem is that sheís been saving her wedding jewelry for me since way back when. Can I say no to my momís bridal jewelry?

The short answer is yes. No bride is under any obligation to wear her momís jewelry or dress or accept somethings new, old, borrowed, or blue that arenít in keeping with her personal style.

But letís get real. This is your mom weíre talking about here. The woman who cared for you and raised you from the day you were born. Saying ďThanks, but no thanks, momĒ isnít going to be easy. Here are four ways to deal with a difference of taste when youíre choosing wedding jewelry.

Suggest Mom Wear It

Pure Sparkle Jewelry Set

Suggest mom wear it. Frame it like this: you will be so honored and happy to see your mother wearing the wedding jewelry that brought her such joy once more. Who could turn down a request like that? Then youíre free to buy pearls or Swarovski crystals or whatever else it is you prefer.

Mix and Match

Vintage Jewelry Set

Mix and match! Pick one special piece from your momís wedding jewelry ensemble and pair it with new accessories you choose yourself. If your momís jewelry qualifies as vintage, look for pieces that have a similar look and feel. Youíve just crossed Something Old and Something Borrowed off your list Ė bonus!

Think Outside the Box

Blue and Crystal Tiara

Think outside the box. Can a pair of earrings be transformed into shoe clips? A single earring be incorporated into a bridal veil? Can you take the stones out of a piece and have them reset in something thatís more your style? Consider ways you might wear one or two pieces of your momís wedding jewelry without making it a focal point of your look Ė and pick a statement hair accessory thatíll steal the show.

Be Honest

Vintage Bridal Brooch

Be honest. This is by far the hardest option but it is the most straightforward way to end up wearing what you like. Just make sure that your mom understands that youíre not saying you dislike her style but that youíve spent years cultivating your own. She was a romantic bride Ė maybe you love vintage-look bridal brooches and hair clips. Itís not personal.

In the end, you may end up borrowing from all of these suggestions to get past what is probably a wedding planning hiccup youíd like to put behind you. Remember, feelings are forever Ė but so are wedding photos! Tread carefully.