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purple accessories
This is the color of royalty, valued first for its rarity and cost and then for its ongoing associations with the monarchies of various lands. Though many women report feeling like princesses in pink, we recommend purple jewelry and accessories to anyone who would rather be queen for a day. Whether you feel especially drawn toward softer, more feminine shades like lilac or richer, deeper hues like amethyst, there is sure to be a tiara, brooch, ring, or jewelry set in our growing purple collection that catches your eye and makes your heart smile.

Fashionable? Yes. Versatile? Absolutely. Purple can be paired with so many colors, though we especially love how it stands out next to stark whites and soft silvers. We can help you make the original royal hue the focal point of your wedding day look or your next formal outfit all you need to do is browse until you find a piece (or two or three) that inspires your regal side.