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1-layer bridal veils
Brides who love the look of wedding veils but overall are trying to build a more relaxed bridal ensemble often feel drawn to single layer veils. These bridal veils, which are also known as single-tier veils, are less formal and in their shorter incarnations, even minimal. However, they are nonetheless chic and quite beautiful on brides of every description. Note: We always recommend that any bride wearing a bridal veil discuss the best way to incorporate it into her wedding day hairstyle with her hairdresser.

We have embraced the single layer wedding veil as a nod to more traditional, fuller veils and applaud the brides and hairstylists who have found new and interesting ways to incorporate the look of the veil into today's wedding fashions. For example, the trend of wearing a veil at the back of the head to accommodate and accentuate updos is a fabulous way to pay homage to traditional while still embracing your own personal style.