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Top 5 Bridal Accessories Trends for 2015

Where gowns go, so go bridal accessories which means that you can see a little bit of where headpieces and jewelry are heading on the previous year’s runways. But as to how those trends are realized, you have to look at what accessory designers are previewing in their own collections if you want to be up-to-the-minute chic when you walk down the aisle.

This year, and next year, too, I predict you’ll be seeing some big changes in bridal accessories along with some traditional materials coming back into vogue and interpreted in fresh, interesting ways. With that in mind, here are the top five trends fashionable brides-to-be saying their vows in 2015 need to know about as they curate their wedding day looks:

In Love with Lace

Lacey Couture Pearl Headband

When it comes to bridal accessories one of the easiest mantras to remember is ‘pair like with like.’ And since strapless gowns are giving way to Grace Kelly inspired wedding dresses constructed with lace, lace, and more lace you had better believe that accessory designers are following suit. Lace and delicate bead and crystal patterns that mimic lace can be found on more than just veils – everything from bridal headbands to full jewelry sets can now justly be described as lacey.

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Organic Inspired

Gold Leaf Bridal Comb

Some brides are gravitating toward ornate headpieces made of fresh florals, but those who want to treasure their bridal accessories forever are opting for organic inspired pieces that feature all of the best elements of nature. Think delicate gilded leaves, picture perfect silk blooms, and filigree as intricate as a sapling’s newest shoots. Embrace this trend if you’re committed to including a hint (or more than a hint) of Mother Nature in your bridal ensemble but would rather not have to deal with the hassle of fresh flora.

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Simpler Statements

Classic Bridesmaid Jewelry

Gone are the days when your wedding day ensemble had to not only say something, but scream it. Statement pieces, though still a hit with those brides with that certain something required to pull them off, are making room for smaller, more subtle accessories that can be said to have concentrated elegance. Simplicity itself is the statement – brides are choosing jewelry that speaks to them in a tiny, heartfelt, personal voice, whether or not a particular piece speaks to the world at large.

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Classic Pearls

Classic Bridal Pearls Jewelry

The ancient Greeks believed that when a bride wore pearl wedding jewelry she would be guaranteed a happy marriage. There must be something to it – if not the truth of the superstition, the feeling behind it because pearls have been beloved by brides for hundreds and even thousands of years. Of course while pearls never and likely will never go out of style, their popularity ebbs and flows, and in 2014 they are back in a big way. Expect to see plenty of pearls at any wedding you attend, now and into 2015, too.

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Veil Enhanced

Beaded Bridal Veil

A truly beautiful bridal veil can be perfectly plain but this year embellished is definitely in. Everything from tiny hand cut crystals to embroidery and lace to tiny glass pearls can be found gracing the edges of fashion forward brides’ veils, and the old rule that said that grand dresses call for simple veils is being tossed right out the window. A thick ribbon edge makes a bold statement without being too ostentatious but why hide on your wedding day? Never forget that sometimes more is more.

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