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What’s New in the World of Something Blue

Teal? No thank you. Tiffany? So five years ago. The newest Something Blue is deeper, more complex, and certainly more grownup than mint, aqua, or turquoise. Navy is currently trending as one of the most popular shades of blue among brides-to-be who’ve found their somethings old, new, and borrowed.

No doubt many will claim this is the inevitable result of a generation of brides who are established and independent and leaving behind shades of blue more at home in a nursery than at the altar. But more likely, it’s simply the result of darker, more saturated colors showing up in designer collections and then filtering down into bridal fashion.

How to wear the new ‘It Blue’ is up to you, but here are four suggestions:

Navy Blue Pearls

Navy Blue Pearl Jewelry

It’s still fairly unusual to see a bride in head to toe color where her bridal accessories are concerned but if it feels right then why not? Big, bold – and navy blue – faux pearls will tell the world that you’re a bride who’s not afraid to play with color.

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Navy Rhinestone Earrings

Navy Rhinestone Earrings

On the other hand, there’s something to be said for subtlety. Sometimes the right amount of color is just a touch – a bride who chooses deep navy rhinestone earrings as her Something Blue will turn heads every time she turns her own.

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Bridal Headpiece in Blue

Blue and Crystal Tiara

Mixing and matching everything is still the coolest way to create a truly original look, so don’t be afraid to pair brilliant clear rhinestones with navy or blue gems when you’re choosing bridal accessories.

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Something Blue Statement Piece

Something Blue Statement Necklace

If you’re the kind of bride whose mantra is ‘expect the unexpected’ then feel free to embrace your inner diva and make your Something Blue a statement piece like a bold ring or chunky necklace that’s the perfect counterpoint to an elegant bridal gown.

Love navy or hate it, this grownup blue hue is here to stay until tastes change once more. No matter what, though, make your Something Blue your own. Trends are fun, but personal style is forever.

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