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Do's & Don'ts for Wearing Bridal Gloves

Once upon a time, gloves were an everyday accessory for women of distinction. The etiquette of ladiesí gloves was well established and well known Ė young ladies would have been raised knowing when and where gloves were appropriate and how to wear them. Today, however, gloves come in two varieties: functional and formal. Bridal gloves fall squarely in the latter category and are definitely NOT an everyday accessory. What that means is that brides who love the glove may know what they like and what wedding day look they hope to achieve, but not how to wear bridal gloves politely.

You may be thinking, what does it matter? After all, you can probably count the number of people in your life who know and subscribe to formal glove etiquette on one gloved hand. That might be true, but consider in how many other areas of your wedding you find yourself bound by rules of etiquette that seem charmingly antiquated and maybe even a little quaint. Thatís all part of the fun for some brides-to-be. Not letting the groom see the gownÖ finding the perfect Something BlueÖ and yes, immersing yourself in courtesies and rituals that come from a different time.

Bridal gloves are a beautiful throwback thatís making a comeback, so the variety available is growing by the day. From gloves that just hug the wrist to those that go over the elbow and nearly up to the shoulder, from the ones made of stretchy stuff to gloves meant to fit snugly, from the plain to the elaborately embellished, there is a perfect pair for every bride. But how to choose? And once chosen, how do you stay on the right side of wedding etiquette? Here are just some of the dos and doníts that will help you do both.

Fingerless Gloves

Elegant Fingerless Bridal Gloves

DONíT fear fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves are now becoming the popular choice for brides choosing to wear gloves. They allow your groom to easily slip on your wedding ring. You can exchange rings without having to pause the ceremony to free your fingers.

DONíT worry about your bridal gloves being an exact match with your gown. Should it happen that you canít find gloves that are the same shade of white as the wedding dress waiting in your closet for the big day, choose gloves that are a shade slightly lighter than your gown. No one will notice the difference.

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Bridal Glove Etiquette

Bridal Glove Etiquette

DONíT wear your gloves while eating, toasting, or cutting the cake. Besides the fact that covered hands and food simply wonít look right in your wedding photos, do you really want to soil your brilliant white gloves with icing or au jus?

DO think of bridal gloves as an all-seasons accessory. In late autumn and winter you can stay a touch warmer in your gown with traditional kidskin leather gloves Ė look for vintage pairs worn by the brides of past generations. In the warmer months wear gloves made from sheer or breathable fabrics or with sheer cut-outs.

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Wearing Your Gloves

Wearing Your Bridal Gloves

DO practice, practice, practice. Brides who are not wearing fingerless gloves or short gloves should make practicing a priority so that removing gloves is anything but awkward. Teach yourself how to remove your gloves in a single smooth movement and to put them back on with grace. This is especially important when youíre wearing long bridal gloves.

DO break the rules. Most, but not all, brides will gravitate toward bridal gloves that go up to the elbow but no higher because they harmonize with lots of gown styles, but maybe youíre a full-length glove kind of gal with a gown that technically calls for wrist-length gloves. You need to feel (not just look) beautiful on your big day, so wear the gloves you like best.

The wonderful thing about bridal glovesí status as an accessory thatís a little bit old-fashioned is that wearing them puts you in front of a re-emerging trend. You may be the first in your social circles to wear gloves when you walk down the aisle, but rest assured you wonít be the last! shop gloves now ▸