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3 Ways to Perfectly Style Ribbon Headbands on Your Wedding Day

3 Ways to Perfectly Style Ribbon Headbands on Your Wedding Day
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It’s no secret that headbands are a stunning addition to a wedding day look. They’re a classic hair piece that can be styled in many ways to create the perfect bridal look. What’s more, our headbands are hand-wired making them bendable so you can wear them in nearly any hairstyle, whether it be worn as a typical headband with your hair in an updo, wrapped around a bun or chignon or even a relaxed style with loose curls. The designs feature stunning elements, such as crystals, freshwater pearls and rhinestones. If you’re looking for something with classic beauty that’s also unique, ribbon headbands are the perfect choice!

Many of our headbands come with a beautiful satin ribbon attached. This allows you to secure it in place by tying a bow, adding a touch of romance to your look. The ribbons also allow for the piece to be worn as a bridal belt to add a little extra sparkle to your wedding day look. If you love the headband design, but would prefer it without the ribbon, you can also easily detach it! Pin loops are located on each end to secure the headband with bobby pins in your hairstyle, if you’d prefer.

Below are three of our favorite ways to style ribbon headbands on your wedding day:

Unique Bridal Hair Accessory

Unique Pearl Bridal Hair Vine

Crystal Bridal Hair Vine

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