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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Veil

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Veil
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So you’ve said yes to the dress and made one of the biggest decisions for your upcoming wedding. Congratulations! Usually, next on your list is a veil, but there are many factors to consider when choosing one to compliment your dress. What color do I choose? Which length will work for me? Will it work in my hairstyle? This choice may seem overwhelming but don’t fret, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to consider before you buy a bridal veil.


The relationship between your veil and your dress is crucial when completing your wedding day ensemble. Generally, the color of your veil should match the color of your dress. Seems simple right? Not always. There are countless shades to consider such as white, ivory, off-white, natural, champagne and more. To make sure the color matches your dress, bring a fabric swatch with you when you try on veils or know the color the manufacturer uses to describe your dress. If there happens to be a difference in color, it’s better to have your veil be a lighter shade than your dress as opposed to your dress being lighter than your veil.

Beaded Bridal Veil


Let’s be honest, when it comes to your ensemble on the big day, it’s all about the dress. The fit, the color, the accents–no detail does unnoticed. So it’s important to make sure your veil doesn’t clash but that it compliments the elements on your wedding dress. How do you do this? Consider the materials on your dress. Is it heavily embellished with pearls rhinestones? If so, a simple veil with light pearl and rhinestone accents is ideal (see below for one of our most popular veils!). Is your dress simple yet elegant? Go for a classic pencil edge veil for an overall sleek look.

Pearl Wedding Veil


Aside from matching color, veil lengths and layers are also part of this purchasing decision. The most popular lengths are Elbow, Fingertip and Cathedral, but there are a few other in between sizes that you may want to consider. How do you choose a veil length? Take a look at the back of your dress. Do you have heavy embellishment you want to show off? If so, an Elbow or Fingertip length veil may be perfect for you. Have a more simplistic dress but want to add some glamour? A Cathedral veil can help add a more dramatic effect to your wedding day look.

One layer veils have increased in popularity over the years. However, don’t rule out two layers if you’re looking for a more traditional bridal look or want added volume to your veil. Two layer veils include a blusher, which can be worn over a bride’s face as she walks down the aisle (featured in the diagram below courtesy of Cameo and Cufflinks).

Wedding Veil


When shopping for a veil, it’s important that you have a vision for your wedding day hairstyle. Veils typically work well with any hairstyle that is mostly down as they are worn near the crown of the head. If you’re planning to wear a more sophisticated updo, consider where you place the veil (either at the crown of your head or under a bun). Try out different looks when shopping for veils and make sure to practice the placement of it before your special day.

Crystal Beaded Bridal Veil


Once you’ve decided on a wedding veil, you’ll want to make sure it’s in pristine condition on your wedding day. That means getting rid of any possible wrinkles (and doing so without damaging the veil!). To do this, we recommend you have your veil professionally steamed or hanging your veil near a steamy shower running for 10-15 minutes and using your fingers to smooth out the tulle. Make sure you do NOT iron your veil; it will melt!


Keep these tips in mind for choosing your wedding veil, removing wrinkles and keeping your wedding planning stress free! Tell us, how do you plan to rock a veil?

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