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Wedding Fashion Trends Every Bride Will Follow in 2018

Wedding Fashion Trends Every Bride Will Follow in 2018
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If you’re a 2018 bride, you’ll want to get in on these wedding fashion trends. This year bridal fashion will take a leap to where its never been before. Traditional style is a thing of the past, and modern dramatic style is in. 2018 brides will choose unexpected elements and colors that break the molds of tradition and harness their own unique sense of style. From bold statement accessories to colored gems, bridal style will transform into something truly unique and stunning. Check out the top 5 wedding fashion trends that every bride will follow this year along with perfectly styled looks!

Top 5 Wedding Fashion Trends:

  1. Bold statement accessories 
    From big stoned stud earrings and shoulder-brushing dangles, to ornate and whimsical headpieces, brides will look to make a statement through their accessories in 2018. 
  2. Modern gowns
    Sultry, form-fitting silhouettes are setting the tone for this year’s bridal gown fashion. While unexpected, beaded and embellished gowns paired with bold statement accessories are no longer considered “over the top.” Designers are not afraid to pair the two to make a daring and exquisite bridal look.  
  3. Sheer veils
    Simple and layered sheer veils were all over the runway. These pair perfectly with trending bold accessories and embellished gowns, keeping the overall look chic and clean. 
  4. Silver and chrome
    These bold and bright tones will take center stage this year. From engagement rings to headpieces and jewelry, this metal tone will be incorporated into avant-garde style pieces for the 2018 bride.
  5. Unique and colored gems
    Headpieces and jewelry featuring unique, colored stones will make an appearance this year. Dare to be different and complete your bridal look with a headpiece and jewelry featuring opal or colored stones. 

Looks to Love:
Looking for inspiration on how to bring these 2018 trends to life at your wedding? Check out some of the looks we love from New York Bridal Fashion Week (and the USABride Collection of course).


Bridal Fashion

Statement Dangle Earrings

Pencil Edge Bridal Veil

Bridal Couture Fashion

Crystal Rose Gold Comb

Statement Bridal Earrings

Opal Floral and Crystal Hair Vine


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