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VB-5079   1 Layer, Annabella Crystal Edge Veil
VB-5070-FG   1 Layer, Blush Pink & Pearl Edge Veil
VB-5048-CA   1 Layer, Claudia Lace & Beaded Bridal Cathedral Veil
VB-5048   1 Layer, Claudia Lace & Beaded Bridal Veil
VB-5080-FG-IV   1 Layer, Delicate Floret Scalloped Edge Veil with Gold Edge
VB-5041-IV   1 Layer, Mackenzie Beaded Wedding Veil
VB-5082   1 Layer, Madeline Pearl & Crystal Bridal Veil
VB-5083-FG-IV   1 Layer, Rhinestone & Pearl Embroidered Edge Veil
VB-5088-FG-IV   1 Layer, Rose Gold Beaded Veil
VB-5078-FG-IV   1 Layer, Scattered Pearl with Pencil Edge Veil
VB-5084   1 Layer, Scattered Rhinestone Edge Veil
VB-5046-CA   1 Layer, Simple Pearl Edge Cathedral Wedding Veil
VB-5046   1 layer, Simple Pearl Edge Wedding Veil
VB-5081   1 Layer, Sophia Pearl & Crystal Edge Veil
VB-5071-FG   1 Layer, Swarovski Floral Vine & Leaf Edge Veil
VB-5016   1-Layer Angelic French Lace Veil
VB-407-CA   1-Layer Crystal & Beaded Cathedral Veil
VB-407   1-Layer Crystal & Beaded Veil
VB-5003   1-Layer, Angelica Swarovski Crystal Veil
VB-5032   1-Layer, Anniston Beaded Edge Veil
VB-5073-FG-IV   1-Layer, Caprice Swarovski Beaded Veil
VB-5014   1-Layer, Delicate Swarovski Crystal Beaded Edge
VB-5004-CA   1-Layer, Emma Pearl & Crystal Beaded Cathedral Veil
VB-5004   1-Layer, Emma Pearl & Crystal Beaded Veil
VB-5035-CA-IV   1-Layer, Extravagance Crystal Beaded Cathedral Veil
VB-5034   1-Layer, Floral Pearl & Crystal Beaded Veil
VB-5067-FG-IV-G   1-Layer, Gold Metallic Edge Bridal Veil
VB-5006   1-Layer, Julia Crystal Beaded Veil
VB-5074-FG-IV   1-Layer, Makenna Pearl Bridal Veil
VB-5008-CA   1-Layer, Mariah Pearl and Crystal Beaded Cathedral Veil
VB-5008   1-Layer, Mariah Pearl and Crystal Beaded Veil
VB-5023   1-Layer, Paulina Embroidered & Beaded Veil
VB-5072-FG-IV   1-Layer, Paulina Gold Embroidered & Beaded Veil
VB-422   1-Layer, Pencil Edge Bridal Veil
VB-5031   1-Layer, Priscilla Lace Veil
VB-5029   1-Layer, Savannah Scrolling Veil
VB-433   1-Layer, Swarovski Large Rhinestone Edge Veil
VB-5069-FG-IV   1-Layer, Swarovski Small Rhinestone Edge Veil
VB-5040   2 Layer, Hailey Beaded Wedding Veil
VB-5011-CA-IV   2 Layer, Mariah Pearl Beaded Edge Cathedral Veil
VB-5087-CA   2 Layer, Simple Pearl Edge Cathedral Wedding Veil
VB-5087   2 Layer, Simple Pearl Edge Wedding Veil
VB-405   2-Layer Crystal & Beaded Veil
VB-401   2-Layer, Cut Edge Wedding Veil
VB-5011   2-Layer, Mariah Pearl Beaded Edge Veil
VB-5075-FG-IV   2-Layer, Metallic Silver or Gold Pencil Edge Bridal Veil
VB-402   2-Layer, Pencil Edge Veil
VB-5013   2-Layer, Sophie Swarovski Crystal Veil
VB-409   2-Layer, Swarovski Rhinestone Edge Veil
VB-5077-FG-IV   2-Layer, Swarovski Small Rhinestone Edge Veil
JB-4817   3 Strand Freshwater Pearl & CZ Bracelet
JS-1495   3 Strand Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Set
JB-4814   5 Strand Pretty Pearl & Crystal Bracelet
TP-2820   Abbey Floral & Crystal Hair Pin
TC-2331   Abbey Freshwater Pearl Comb
JE-1551   Adalia CZ Drop Earrings
TI-3256   Adalia Freshwater Pearl Headband
JE-4135   Addison Pearl & CZ Earrings
JE-4082   Adele CZ Drop Earrings
VB-5063   Adele Pearl & Crystal Edge Veil (1-Layer)
TP-2809   Adelie Pearl Hairpin
TI-3269-G   Adeline Pearl Leaf Headpiece
TI-3204   Adore Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Headband
TC-2228   Alexa Pearl & Rhinestone Comb
TI-3301-G   Alexandra Wedding Crown
DC-7008-G   Alina Comb
DC-7009-G   Alina Hair Pin
DC-7006-G   Alina Halo
DC-7007-G   Alina Headband
VB-5059   All Pearl Beaded Edge Wedding Veil (1 Layer)
JE-1142   Allure CZ Wedding Earrings
JE-4090   Anastasia Long Dangle CZ Earrings
DCJ-7101   Anastasia Opal Cluster Earrings
TC-2051   Angela Pearl Comb
VB-5055   Anna Crystal & Pearl Bridal Veil
DCJ-7086   Anna CZ Earrings
TC-2246   Anna Rhinestone & Swarovski Crystal Clip
TC-2223   Annabelle Bridal Comb
JE-4069   Antique Pearl Dangle Earrings
JS-1662   Antique Vintage Drop Jewelry Set
JE-4131   Antonella Floral CZ Earrings
JE-4101   Antonia CZ Chandelier Earrings
TP-2825   Antonia Leaf Hairpin
TI-3351-G   Arabella Floral Headband
TC-2219-IV   Arabella Flower Clip
DC-7090   Aria Comb
DC-7091   Aria Hair Pin
TC-2243   Aria Rhinestone Back Comb
DC-7056   Aria Tiara
TC-2292   Aspen Floral Back Comb
TI-3358   Athena Bridal Headband
TI-3231   Athena Pearl & Crystal Headband
JS-1623   Athena Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Set
TI-3244   Aubrey Floral Side Headband
TP-2829   Aubrey Fresh Water Pearl Hair Pin
TP-2826   Audrey Crystal Hairpin
TI-3270   Audrey Vintage Bridal Crown
JE-4064   Ava Pearl & CZ Earrings
TI-3213   Ava Side Headband
DC-7049-RG   Ava Tiara
JE-4079   Avery CZ Dangle Earrings
TC-2410-G   Avery Rhinestone Hair Clip
DC-7012-G   Aviana Back Comb
DC-7011-G   Aviana Comb
DC-7014-G   Aviana Hair Pin
DC-7013-G   Aviana Side Headband
TC-2338-G   Bella Floral Hair Clip
TI-3170   Bella Floral Headband
TI-3329   Bianca Bridal Crown
JE-4080   Bianca Chandelier Earrings
TI-3357-S   Blair Bridal Tiara
TI-3332   Bliss Bridal Ribbon Headband
TI-3299   Bliss Swarovski Crystal Tiara
TI-3321-G   Bloom Bridal Headband
TC-2336   Blossom Bridal Hair Clip
TI-3306   Blossom Pearl Headpiece
JS-1665   Blossom Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Set
TC-2307   Blush Pink Flower Comb
TI-3265   Botanical Floral Side Headband
TI-3267-G   Botanical Leaf & Crystal Headband
JB-4821   Botanical Leaf & Pearl Bracelet
TI-3337   Botanical Leaf & Pearl Hair Vine
JE-1289   Breathless CZ Earrings
TI-3093   Brenna Pearl Headband
JE-4070   Bridget Pearl & CZ Earrings
JE-4083   Brittany CZ Dangle Earrings
VB-455   Cage Veil
JE-4049   Callie CZ Earrings
JB-4833   Callie Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
TI-3341   Callie Swarovski Crystal Ribbon Headband
JE-4091   Cambry CZ Earrings
TC-2281   Camila Floral Bridal Comb
TC-2306   Camille Floral Back Comb
TC-2282   Caprice Floral Clip
JN-1645   Captivating CZ Necklace
TC-2296   Carina Floral Comb
JE-4134   Carolan CZ & Freshwater Earrings
TI-3302   Caroline Crystal Crown
JS-1610-BR   Catalina Bridesmaid Jewelry Set
JS-1610   Catalina Cushion Cut CZ Jewelry Set
JE-4143   Catrina CZ Earrings
JE-4071   Celine Pearl & CZ Earrings
TI-3275   Charlene Vintage Headband
DCJ-7087   Charlese CZ Earrings
DC-7047-RG   Charlotte Comb
TC-2288   Charlotte Floral Comb
DC-7054   Chloe Comb
DC-7050   Chloe Headband
JS-1640   Chloe Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Set
JE-4109   Ciara CZ Dangle Earrings
JE-4087   Ciara Dangle Earrings
TC-2406   Claire Bridal Hair Clip
TI-3346   Claire Headband
VB-5057   Clara Delicate Beaded Wedding Veil (1 Layer)
DC-7001-G   Concetta Swarovski Back Comb
DC-7002   Concetta Swarovski Hair Pin
DC-7000-G   Concetta Swarovski Side Comb
DC-7003   Concetta Swarovski Tiara
TP-2817   Cora Floral Hairpin
TC-2263   Crystal & Rhinestone Floral Comb
VB-5060   Crystal & Rhinestone Glimmer Veil
JS-1627   Crystal Dynasty Jewelry Set
TI-3176   Crystal Passion Tiara
Special   Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings
JE-4108   Cynthia CZ Earrings
TI-3242   Cynthia Pearl Headband
JE-4065   CZ & Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings
JB-1542   CZ & Pavé Bracelet
JS-1578-BR   CZ & Pearl Drop Bridesmaid Jewelry
JS-1578   CZ & Pearl Drop Jewelry
JE-4074-G   CZ Bliss Dangle Earrings
JB-1276   CZ Cluster Bracelet
TI-3248   CZ Floral Crown
JS-1646-BR   CZ Pendant Bridesmaid Jewelry Set
JS-1646   CZ Pendant Jewelry Set
TP-2811   Dahlia Floral Hair Pin
TC-2332   Dahlia Freshwater Pearl Back Comb
JB-4818   Dahlia Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
TC-2329   Dahlia Freshwater Pearl Comb
TI-3340   Dahlia Freshwater Pearl Hair Vine
JE-4123   Dainty Fresh Water Pearl & CZ Earrings
TP-2827   Dana Freshwater Hair Pin
TI-3217   Danella Pearl Side Headband
VB-5056   Dangling Crystal & Pearl Bridal Veil
TI-3133   Dangling Crystal Headband
JB-4840   Dangling Floral Bracelet
TC-2278   Daniela Pearl Bridal Clip
TC-2248   Darcey Rhinestone Comb
TI-3324   Darcy Floral Headband
JB-4806   Dazzle Rhinestone Bracelet
TI-3279   Delicate Crystal Crown
JB-4825   Delicate Crystal Flower Bracelet
JB-1275   Delicate CZ Bracelet
JE-1292   Delicate CZ Earrings
JS-1271   Delicate CZ Jewelry Set
TI-3328   Delicate Floral Crown
TI-3206   Delicate Floral Side Headband
TI-3285   Delicate Floral Vine Headband
JB-4824   Delicate Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
TP-2824   Delicate Leaf Hair Pin

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